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/ California Wine Industry Benefits
The State & Nation

Annual Economic Impacts*

$57.6 billion in state economic impact
$114 billion in national economic impact
325,000 jobs in California
786,000 jobs nationwide
$17.2 billion in state wages
$34.9 billion U.S. wages
$249 million given in charitable contributions nationwide from the California wine industry
$15.2 billion paid in state and federal taxes
23.6 million tourist visits to California wine regions
$7.2 billion spent by tourists in state

Sources: U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau; BW166; The Gomberg, Fredrikson Report; Global Trade information Services; and California Dept. of Food & Agriculture. Statistics are for 2016, however the number for bonded wineries includes alternating proprietorships and is as of March 2017.

/ California Wine Profile 2016

America’s top wine producer

California makes 85% of all U.S. wine and is the world’s 4th leading wine producer after France, Italy and Spain.

4,700 bonded wineries

Up 107% from 2,275 wineries in 2005, nearly all family owned businesses.

238 million cases

California wine sales volume into the U.S. market, with shipments growing 28% since 2005’s 185.5 million cases.

$34.1 billion retail value

Estimated retail value of California wine sales in the U.S.

60% share of U.S. market by volume

Three of every five bottles sold in the U.S. is a California wine.

$1.6 billion in export revenue

U. S. wine exports, 90% from California, reached an all-time record.

California exports 46 million cases to 138 countries.

5,900 winegrape growers

Our partners in sustainable winegrowing.

602,000 acres/244,000 hectares of winegrapes

Winegrapes are grown in 49 of 58 counties in California; 138 federally approved American Viticultural Areas.

4 million tons/3.6 million tonnes harvested of winegrapes

More than 110 winegrape varieties.

$3.1 billion in farmgate value to growers

Farmgate value of California winegrapes; one of California’s top three agricultural commodities by value.